Ultrasound and Radiology

We offer cutting edge diagnostic tools here at Animal Care Experts. We are very excited to offer the latest in ultrasound technologies. We can perform ultrasounds and get you results on the same day. Ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool that is non-invasive and gives the Veterinarian information she needs in order to treat your pet.  All of our ultrasounds are reviewed by a team of certified radiologists that can collaborate with our veterinarian to come up with a treatment plan for your pet.

We also offer digital radiological services. We can usually perform X-rays on your pet during an exam if it is needed. The veterinarian will go over your pet’s X-rays with you one on one. Digital X-ray is another great diagnostic tool that is non-invasive and painless to your pet. We only use sedation when absolutely necessary in order to protect your loved one.

Do not hesitate to call us with any concerns or questions about these procedures.