Spring is in the Air!!

It’s March—springtime is around the corner! Our winter here in New England has been pretty mild and we are seeing the effects of that now. We have seen more ticks than ever throughout these warm winter days and Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia did not take a break this season! It is so important to keep your pet protected from these diseases by preventing the ticks that spread them from feeding on your pet. We also can’t forget about the ever so annoying flea!

We often hear varying reasons why pet owners stay away from certain preventative options available. We are seeing many all natural products on the market that try to scare people away from the common treatments available through your veterinarian. We always urge pet owner to stay away from over the counter products that are not regulated and not proven to work. Many over the counter products can actually be harmful to your pet and have caused many reactions, especially in cats.

The best flea and tick preventatives out there to protect your pet are the ones that are offered by your veterinarian. These products go through rigorous testing and are the safest option out there. All of these products are backed up by your veterinarian as well. We have the manufacturers stand behind their products and guarantee their effectiveness and safety only when purchased through your veterinarian. It is also a common misconception that the over the counter products are a cheaper alternative.

This spring make sure to stay on top of the flea and tick battle. Give us a call or stop by to see what product would work best for your pet. Don’t let these pesky bugs sneak up on you! It is much easier to prevent diseases and flea infestation than it is to treat it.