COVID 19 Curbside Protocol

Check in procedures:

Please complete all of the patient form and return prior to your appointment. This will help minimize wait times once you arrive.

Once you arrive for your patient’s appointment, please call or text the clinic from your car to start the check in process. If you do not get a prompt text message back, it may be because the technicians are busy and can’t answer so call into the clinic and press zero when the voice recording answers to be transferred directly to a technician. Do not leave a message to check in as messages are not checked immediately.

The technician will go over several questions with you. If you have filled out the patient form, then the technician will confirm the information you have provided and may ask a few additional questions for the doctor.  If you have not filled out the patient form, the technician will be asking you those questions from the form. We recommend you arrive a few minutes early if you have not filled out the form prior to the appointment.

The technician will direct you to a designated area where you will meet them  to exchange the patient.  These areas are the walk way area, under the walk (chair A and chair B) or the cat cart (located near the front door under the covered walkway).

A mask is required when the technician comes out to get the patient from you or if you are dropping off a cat carrier.

The technician will get the patient from the cat cart once you head back to your car or place a sanitized leash on your pet and then you can remove your leash and return to your car to wait for the doctor to call.

The doctor will call you to go over the patient’s exam findings and answer your questions.  Then transfer you to a technician to take payment over the phone.

The tech will meet with you at a designated area where you can attach your leash and the tech will remove ours. A mask is required at this time as well.


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